Think outside – no box required

You’d have to be a dedicated couch potato not to love at least something about nature.  But did you know that time in nature can actually make you smarter and more creative?

Not only can it help you focus, think more clearly, ease stress, and feel more peaceful (let alone the health benefits) but it’s also an awesome muse. Which basically adds up to: It can inspire you to be and do more than you ever thought possible.

Here’s what Richard Luov, (founder of the Children and Nature Network) has to say about that: “Stress levels, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, cognitive functioning—and more—are positively affected by time spent in nature.” So next time you’re wrestling with a problem or can’t make a decision, you know where to go: The Earthgym is right there outside your door, at your service.

55988b_6081aba0a0a44751af46b6c19693b307.jpeg_srb_p_630_473_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpeg_srbFor example: today on my hike I took a question with me: “How can I get out of my own way?” (I was experiencing writer’s block). This question led me to two new pathways in the mountain that I’d never walked before. I then jumped into my kayak and paddled through the still waters with a peachy postcard sunset as my backdrop. Kayaking in January? Another new thing for me.

So did it change anything? Yes. Through the silence and stillness new ideas began to flood through my mind – articles, next steps, insights about students, (and this blog). All flowing with ease. And I wasn’t even trying. Nature had become the muse.

Some days it happens like that, because I remember that there is no box. Sure, some days it happens more dramatically than others – that is the nature of creativity. If if you follow your feet the earth will definitely teach. Every time.


~ Rachel

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