Have You Tasted the Forest’s Magic?

I love the forest! I love her magic and medicine so much!!! For the past 8 months I’ve lived in the beautiful moss carpeted, dancing cedar tree forests of Our Sacred Acres blessed with the flowing waters of Panther Creek. The forest always gives. She is present. Are you? Am I? I enter her often; listen to her soft, silent calling and moist invitation, stepping into, onto the spongy forest floor with my eyes bright and wide. I listen, watch, absorb and give, pouring out love and awe from every pore of my being.

I love her beauty! I like stepping lightly, sometimes on all fours, slinking over and blending in with the soft and varied mounds of fallen trees. I follow the golden glow, stepping off trail and discovering sacred and secret sit spots, napping portals, places where forest spirits share their stories and reveal their enchantment. In each forest wander I discover new teachers and am renewed.

What calls you to the forest? How do you see and hear the trees? They are giving, constantly giving and sharing in their silent, noble, and powerful way.

Early morning qigong and movement sessions in the trees are one of my favorite things. Sometimes blankets of mist, fog and low clouds clothe the forest. This moist water brings the moss, ferns and lichen into their full plump, vibrant luminosity. And oh what a sight to behold, to kiss and caress

Other mornings the sun streams in through the tall cedars and maple vine arches casting the whole forest in golden streams of light. To soak my soles, my soul and body in this Beauty is such Medicine, such delight! As I breathe and move my body in my qigong movement forms, I feel the soil and the sacred Love and Joy of Life begin to flow up my legs, pour into my being, absorb through my pores and I feel tears of gratitude and love for this Land and all the magic she shares.

All it takes is for me to show up, to enter, and to be aware and open. As I open and am present, the gifts of the forest flood into my being and bathe me in beauty.

How do you enjoy connecting with the forests, the lands, waters, trees, or plains of your home? What terrains call to you, inspire you? They are calling you for a reason. The Earth has so much to teach. Now is the time to follow her calls. What she teaches is different for each of us. Beauty and Life, the richness and riches of life await us when we connect with the core of our matter, which is our Earth.

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