Origins of the Earthgym

“Stretch and tone with a stick or a stone, so when you go outside, you know you’re home.”

Mick-Dodge002 The Earth offers a simple training and attunement practice called by many names, including the Earthgym. The Earth is the teacher. The wind, water, fire and land — all are the teacher. Specific physical fitness practices have emerged and evolved over the last 25 years through Mick Dodge (the Barefoot Sensei), Jacquie Chandler, (Moonhair) and other kindred spirts. Mick’s lifetime of scouting and deep excursions into the wilderness have inspired and informed an ever-evolving series of playful ways to stretch and tone with trees, wind, water and stone. These have become known as the Earthgym, Walking Mountain Yoga and other names that invite people to step away from the machine world and venture outside to cultivate a personal practice with the land — so they too can listen and understand what the Earth can teach. Mick is the core guide, scout and channel for the earths deep teaching and trainer for the practice where he lives: along the rivers of the Olympic Mountain Range in northwestern Washington. 55988b_f6bf7a79e69a4f37afdc7068035c5428.jpg_srz_205_335_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz Jacquie (Moonhair) is an Earthgym Guide living on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe. Her contribution, is dance and flexibility to the movements plus her expertise in crafting leather garments and footwear. She created an Earthgym / Primal Design college class at Sierra Nevada College to guide students in designing their own Earthgym practice along with footwear and clothing to enhance personal empowerment and sustainability. Jacquie also heads Sustainable Tahoe, a non-profit organization facilitating Lake Tahoe’s emergence as a world stage for watershed stewardship.

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