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Have You Ever Drank Water From a Tree? :-)

Have you ever drank water from a tree? On my first visit out to the Hoh Rainforest shortly after I met Mick in 2007, I remember early in the morning Mick coming up to me with his bright eyes and big grin and said, “Want to learn an ancient morning ritual practice from our peoples?” “Sure – Yes!!” I said with curious enthusiasm…wondering what it would be. I followed him through the dew and rain covered grassy field to a spot under some beautiful old growth green and mossy maple trees. There, as I stood in somewhat solemn expectation to be respectful for this sharing of an ancient ritual, Mick then picked up 2 or 3 of these giant maple leaves that had fallen into the meadow floor and rubbed them all over his face! Laughing with a big grin he said, “This is how we wash our face in the morning!” Haha!!! So cool! I started laughing, picked up some big leaves myself and rubbed them all over my face!! So refreshing!!!

karen-joy-fletcherWell, earlier this year, another dear friend, Veronica Fernmoss introduced me to another “ancient tree water drinking” practice…actually sipping fresh water from succulent moss!!! Oh my goodness!!!!! It is sooooo delicious and so fun!!! I LOVE MOSS!! And you know when it’s dripping with plumb golden drops of liquid jewels? It’s so beautiful!! And! If you put your mouth to some of these succulent greens and sip, you will receive a most awesome, earthly elixir!!

I did this most yummy of “practices” today when footing a path in an old Growth forest near Lake Crescent in the Land of OM. I had just dunked my head in the river (AWESOME!) and then found myself drawn to a circle of Old Growth green, mossy- bearded maple trees in a meadow of sword ferns. I stood by one tree, and the moss!! It was so luscious and moist! So I partook in such a yummy delight, sipping this exquisite earthy water from this beautiful tree. And then, you know how it’s fun to try to catch snow flakes on your tongue in a snow storm? Well! Here in the Pacific Northwest, another fun game is catching falling water drops from the leaves of these towering trees! I looked up as I leaned against the furry green mossy trunk and started laughing. I had my mouth open, tongue out and was moving around trying to catch these falling drops on my tongue…and only managed to get splashed on my nose, chin, cheeks, forehead and all over. It was sooo fun!! I love playing in the forest and highly recommend it!! 🙂 She will show you so many treasures, so many delights, so much magic. Just allow yourself to become enchanted and let your journey begin.

Karen Joy Fletcher